Our Impact

Words Alive values the work that we do in the community. In addition to always making sure we are addressing current community needs, we also ensure that we are making an impact in addressing "why literacy matters." Our programs aim to influence three major areas pertaining to literacy development:

  • What participants do (habits)

  • How participants feel about reading and themselves as readers (interest, attitudes & motivation)

  • What participants know (skills & abilities)

Our goals to this end include helping program participants:

  • Develop an enduring commitment to reading

  • Become life-long learners

  • Become advocates for themselves and their future

Below are some of the recent publications showing how Words Alive gets the job done.


Words Alive 2017-2018 AnnuAl Report

Program Impact Reports

Westreich Scholarship Impact Report 2017

Family Literacy Program Impact Report 2019


Read Aloud Program Impact Report 2017

Adolescent Book Group Impact Report 2019

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