At Words Alive, we understand the life-changing power of reading. Reading helps us to succeed in school and the workplace but reading also changes our lives in ways far beyond this. The purpose of Words Alive is to make reading matter – truly matter – for young people and families in every community in San Diego and beyond, so they have the power to write their own stories.

When you become a reader, especially as a young child during crucial stages of brain development, our lives change:

  • We become learners — Reading helps us learn much more beyond how to understand words on a page. Through reading we learn new vocabulary, critical thinking, writing skills, self-expression, self-awareness, curiosity, and so much more.

  • We become empathetic — Through reading we experience the world in new and exciting ways. When we read stories about people different from ourselves, we come to understand different cultures, people, and life experiences a little bit more, allowing us to extend empathy to those we perceive as “different.”

  • We become advocates for ourselves and our futures – Through reading people build their vocabulary and abilities of self-expression, with increased self-confidence we are empowered to ensure our community has access to the best educational opportunities available.

We are an organization that brings words alive! We place caring adults in classrooms and create environments where learning is fun and exciting. Through engaging activities, we guide program participants to make connections between the books we read together, themselves, and the world around them. We promote a back and forth dialogue in all of our programs, ensuring that each participant has a voice.

Simply put, Words Alive changes the story of your life. Whether you are a donor, volunteer, participant, or all the above, Words Alive has a meaningful impact on your life story. Follow the links below to learn what becoming a reader looks like in each of our programs.