Join Our Volunteer Team

To get started, please sign up for a Volunteer Orientation!

Orientations are held at the Words Alive Office*

Upcoming Orientation Dates:

Thursday, September 5th from 1–2 PM

Wednesday, September 18th from 1–2 PM

Wednesday, October 16th from 1–2 PM

To sign up, please contact Robyn Grand.

See our Employment & Internship Opportunities here!

Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer Application Process

  1. Submit a Volunteer Application: Submit a volunteer application. Information is confidential.

  2. Attend a Volunteer Orientation: Join us for an information session that covers the history of Words Alive, our programs and current volunteer opportunities. Meet other new volunteers, like you! To sign up, please see the above dates and contact Robyn Grand.

  3. Chat with our Volunteer Management: After attending the orientation, schedule a phone chat (5-10 minutes) with our volunteer management staff about your status, placement and next steps.

  4. Submit to a Background Check: Volunteers working in the classroom or a position of leadership (e.g. Board of Directors) must submit to our multi-county background check. The background check is a one-time requirement. Please submit pages 2-3 of this background check form. Information is confidential. Please complete in full. Notarization is not necessary.

  5. Submit TB-Test Results: Volunteers working in the classroom must have a current TB-test on file, and must renew every four years after the read-date to remain active. Please see your primary care physician, or consult this county-recommended list of clinics, for test administration. More information on the test, clinics and the CA Education Code, which enforces this policy, can be found here.

  6. Attend a Training: To finalize your new volunteer role, please attend the program/job-specific training session. For in-class opportunities, training dates are listed above. For internships, committee work and all other levels of involvement, training will be provided the first day/meeting of your role.

Please note: We cannot accept individuals with court-ordered volunteer service.

*We are located on the second floor of a building without elevator access. Please notify us of any mobility needs so we can make accommodations.