Words Alive Collaborates With Live Well San Diego

Collaboration is one of our core values here at Words Alive because of the way that it allows us to expand the reach of our services, increase our efficiency, and brainstorm new ideas with new partners.

Recently, we had the opportunity to collaborate with Live Well San Diego, an organization that works to promote the County of San Diego’s vision of a region that is building better health, living safely, and thriving. Live Well’s mission includes four central tenets: 1) Building a Better Service Delivery System, by improving the quality and efficiency of services offered to the community 2) Supporting Positive Choices, by providing resources to the community that inspire them to take action for their well-being 3) Pursuing Policy and Environmental Change, by creating environments that make it easier for everyone to live well and 4) Improving the Culture Within, by increasing understanding about what it means to live well.

Words Alive has been invited to be an official Live Well partner because of how our programs and services fit so well into Live Well San Diego’s four-part mission. In honor of this collaboration, Words Alive’s Executive Director, Patrick Stewart, appeared on Real Talk San Diego’s Live Well Radio Hour to discuss the work of Words Alive and the importance of literacy in our community. We are looking forward to all of the amazing work we can accomplish with this new partnership!

You can listen to the Live Well Radio Hour segment here: https://m.soundcloud.com/realtalksandiego/al-brislain-patrick-stewart-09-09-16