WAWS Spotlight: Destiny Frost

An image of Destiny holding up her award at the 2018 Words Alive Westreich Scholarship Award Ceremony.

An image of Destiny holding up her award at the 2018 Words Alive Westreich Scholarship Award Ceremony.

Destiny is a third-time Words Alive Westreich Scholarship recipient. She is currently attending California State University Bakersfield where she is studying Criminal Justice in hopes of becoming a probation officer. Destiny is self motivated, easy-going and driven. Some of her personal goals are to discover new hobbies while doing her absolute best to keep up her grades.

The Words Alive Westreich Scholarship Program awards scholarships to participants in the Words Alive Adolescent Book Group to support them in their pursuit of higher education at the college or vocational level. Unlike other scholarship programs, which typically fund only tuition, books and educational supplies, each recipient is eligible to receive funds to cover the cost of rent, food, childcare, clothing, travel and other living expenses. Additionally, the program matches each recipient with a mentor. Student and mentor meet regularly throughout the school year, and the mentors provide guidance, direction, and often, a shoulder to lean on.

Let’s hear more from Diana!

Name: Destiny Frost

Age: 19

College: CSU Bakersfield

Area of Study: Criminal Justice

High School: Monarch School

Mentor: Chris Edwards

How did you first get involved with Words Alive?

I was first introduced to Words Alive my sophomore year at Monarch in Mrs. Becknells class.

How has your experience with Words Alive affected you?

Words Alive has affected me by introducing me to pleasure reading. Before joining Words Alive I only would read books that were assigned to me in class and now I read just for myself. It has helped me with my vocabulary and focus.

What have you accomplished this year that you are most proud of?

This year I passed all of my classes with flying colors. This is what I am most proud of because my freshmen year I did not pass all my classes. I was able to show myself that I can do anything I put my mind to.

What are you reading lately?

Some books that I have been reading are The Other Wes Moore: One name, Two Fates, and Hidden figures: The Untold True Story of Four African-American Women who Helped Launch Our Nation Into Space.